It's All One Curriculum: Guidelines and Activities for a Unified Approach to Sexuality, Gender, HIV, and Human Rights Education

Jan 2011 Producer/Author: Population Council


It’s All One Curriculum is a resource kit for developing a unified curriculum on sexuality, gender, HIV, and human rights. It is based on global research about risks to sexual health. It responds to the Millennium Development Goals and related policy mandates, and it brings a much-needed fresh and practical approach to educating young people in a diverse and rapidly changing world. Specifically, It’s All One Curriculum enables educators and policymakers to address not only the individual determinants of young people’s sexual and reproductive health, but also the social determinants of their health and well-being. It focuses attention on the real world in which young people live their lives. It's All One integrates explicit values of human rights, equality, and gender justice into the content of curricula; it is inquiry-based, fostering critical thinking skills among young people from all communities. Curricula that specifically foster students' reflection about gender norms are having an effect on sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This outcome goes beyond usual markers of curriculum success, such as "increased knowledge" and "reported changes in risk behaviors." And it echoes other finding that gender norms are a predictor of sexual health outcomes, including unintended pregnancy, STIs, and gender-based violence. It's All One is a two-book set: The first volume has an evidence-based policy rationale, eight content units, and fact sheets. Volume 2 has 54 pre-tested activities for teaching selected pieces of material in Volume 1.

Research & Testing

This publication is based on global research about risks to sexual health.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Some comments from users of the publication can be seen on the Population Council website.

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